No More 2 a.m. Posts

Early this morning I wrote the post on the new preferred issue from ARMOUR Residential. The post was not as complete as it should have been and had a couple typos. My apologies.

Last night I had a 8 pm flight out of Minneapolis–which got held up for 90 minutes so they could de-ice-why it took 90 minutes I have no idea. I ended up not getting to my Scottsdale room until about 1:30 am mountain time. I thought I could get the pricing posted in a coherent fashion–obviously not.

The good part is as usual everybody had data in the comments that completed the story. Thanks all.

The other good part is the weather in Scottsdale is beautiful–70’s and sunny–the bad part is that by Sunday night late I will be at my desk–hopefully with enough recharge for a few months.

15 thoughts on “No More 2 a.m. Posts”

  1. Your note brought back vivid memories from the two years I spent in Minneapolis at the U. The city and U were terrific but Jan/Feb never got above 0 degrees and the wind never stopped blowing across the open air pedestrian bridge crossing the river. I moved to LA and never looked back.

  2. Tim, for every beginning there is an ending. I am at Cancun airport ready to head back to cold MO. Enjoy the warmth!

  3. Hi Tim; Do you own your own condo in Scottsdale??? My wife and I have talked about buying something out there for years now. We live in Omaha where many people don’t realize we get some of the nastiest winters out there. As an example last week there were several days where the windchill index was well below zero for several days in a row with wind gusts up to 40mph. From mid Nov. to late March its really crappy here. I did add to one of my “existing positions” on friday. I bought more of “HESM”. The current yield is 6.98%. Every article and report I have read on the company has been very positive.

      1. Hello Matt; Thank You for your reply. You must be his son??? I hope this finds you doing very well. I really enjoy talking to fellow fixed income investors and sharing ideas. I’ve been at this now for about 49 years. Its a tough environment for fixed income folks.

        1. You bet Chuck. Yes I’m Tim’s son, just here keeping tabs on things while he is out of the office. That’s great to hear that you’re enjoying the website.

  4. Move to Florida. We don’t know what de-ice means.
    And it’s after midnight so I shouldn’t be posting anything.

      1. I heard iguanas, stunned by the cold, are falling out of the trees down there.

        I have several friends in FL. Some have evacuated (hurricane warnings) both this year & last. One buddy carries a 9-iron when he walks his dog. Says he never knows what might come out of the bush. Just sayin’…

        Still, everyone has to find their own place in this world.


  5. Hey Tim, no apologies, you already go above and beyond…and beyond. Enjoy Scottsdale!

      1. visiting the daughter in Singapore so time is reversed with a `3 hour difference from nyc. Not sure if this makes things harder or easier to deal but it is different.Have been here about fifteen times but this is the first time that I’ve seen the city in a meaningful way and it is interesting. Worth a visit. SC

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