My Watch List

Below is a list of mid level quality preferreds and baby bonds that I have been currently (April, 2021) watching.

I use this list to deploy some of my surplus cash when I am looking to try to capture a dividend–typically this means I hold for 30 days or so.

I have put an approximate ex-dividend date in the spread sheet as well as the pay dates.

For me (and everyone has a different idea) I try to buy an issue about 2 weeks before ex dividend date and hope to sell about 2 weeks after the ex date.

My capture target is always 1-2% within 30 days. I have been successful most of the time with the 1%, but on occasion markets simply don’t cooperate–in which case I am ok with that because I only buy what I don’t mind holding long term–so I will hold it longer if necessary.

Most of my holdings are long term holdings and the money deployed into a ‘capture’ trade is usually part of my ‘dry powder’.

NOTE–issues shaded YELLOW have been ‘called’ for redemption.