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More Official Redemption Notices

As noted a couple days ago a call was expected on the National Retail Properties 5.2% perpetual preferred. Ken posted the press release on the call here. The call occurs on 10/16/2021.

Ken also posted the press release on the call of the Southern Company SOJB issue. The issue is a 5.25% junior subordinated note due 10/2076. The call is for October 18th. The press release is here.

A non official call is reflected below–

J posted that The Hartford Financial Services Group (HIG) has pre-announced a redemption on their 7.875% fixed to floating rate debentures (HGH) which is not redeemable until 4/15/2022. Shares are at $26.36 right now. With 3 interest payments of 49 cents each at this price it is about a breakeven. Will be curious to see who forgets about this pre announcement and keeps the price in the mid $26’s until March. The ‘use of proceeds’ statement is here.

One thought on “More Official Redemption Notices”

  1. Uh oh! I’m long this one. But, bought it right in March ’20, so nice capital gain.

    Thanks for the heads up.

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