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More Economic Data on Tap

Every week we have at least 2 days with significant economic news and of course today is one of the days.

In days and years of the past the weekly initial jobless claims was just a number no one paid much attention to–now we are searching for signs of weakness in the economy and the Federal Reserve has targeted employment as one of their key data points. Given the number of job openings (11 million) it doesn’t seem like we are going to see weakness anytime soon. Claims are estimated to be at 200,000 last week versus 196,000 last week.

Also we have the producer price index (PPI) being released – with the forecast at .4% versus -.5% last month. On top of this we have building permits and housing starts being released. Tomorrow we have leading economic indicators (LEI) with the forecast at -.3% versus -1% last month.

This morning I see interest rates are flattish at around 3.8% versus yesterdays close at 3.81%–I’m hoping that the PPI is at forecast–upside surprises could kick rates up a few more basis points. Equity futures–which are near meaningless prior to economic news are essentially flat.

Did you see the earnings report from lodging REIT Hersha Hospitality (HT)? Pretty darned good–you can see them here. I have little allocated to the lodging REITs–but certainly there are plenty to chose from out there.

Yesterday I did nothing – which is the norm in recent weeks – I looked at some CDs and some agency bonds, short term of course. I am not too motivated to pull the trigger on more of these given the 4.5% or so I get on some money markets

2 thoughts on “More Economic Data on Tap”

  1. Inflation still running hot and old barky, bark Powell already folding with his .25% crap. Too much federal spending, too many giveaways. What a mess. I feel bad for the kids.

    1. Eladio–not sure if he has ‘folded’ yet–numbers today give me thought of a potential 1/2% hike next time around.

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