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Midland States Bancorp Preferred Pricing Detail – Ticker Update

OTC temporary ticker just announced as MSBSV

Below is the detail on the Midland States Bancorp Fixed-Rate Reset Preferred stock.

The temporary ticker has not been announced as of 8:15 a.m. central time.

Take note that this is a lower quality issue–obviously because the ‘reward’ is high. I took a quick look at the net income and it looks flat for a number of years–do your due diligence on this issue if you are considering buying.

The pricing term sheet can be found here.

9 thoughts on “Midland States Bancorp Preferred Pricing Detail – Ticker Update”

  1. Schwab took the order. Not executed because I will not pay up for this. Range is $25.0 – $25.2. Volume is 831,000 shares

    1. 500 shares purchased and executed at $25.20 this morning for Midland States Bancorp 7.75% preferred with $4.95 fee through TD private client. Volume appears to be institutional buyers with large volume purchases per broker. Not available on Schwab or TD regular trading platforms I use every day to trade.

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