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Lots of Indecisions in Equities – But Bonds Party On

Common stocks can’t decide what to do – go up because interest rates are falling or go down because the economy may finally be softening and heading to recession.

The 10 year treasury is trading with a yield of 4.11%. Employment is softening–per ADP anyway. Makes me more curious on what we will see Friday with the ‘official’ numbers from the BLS.

As I figured I am doing nothing at all. I did look at the Bridgewater Bancshares 5.875% perpetual (BWBBP) issue and pondered for a moment taking some profits–but no. I bought it for the over 9% current yield so just as well keep holding–plus I have no better idea at this moment. I guess for now I will just sit back and exercise some patience and do nothing.

18 thoughts on “Lots of Indecisions in Equities – But Bonds Party On”

  1. Today is the first day I am able to trade my account 🙈🙉🙊. I had a very restrictive contract to financially consult with a Fortune 100 company that prevented me for making any investments (buy or sell) except US Treasuries, CD’s and index funds and was unable to even post anything of substance online. My first order of business today was to take profit and unload my 8000 shares of (NSS) NuStar Logistics L.P., 7.625% Fixed-to-Floating Rate Subordinated Notes due 1/15/2043. I feel like I can breath again and am so happy I get to post here 🎉.
    The wonderful things in life are the things you do, not the things you have.
    I am Azure

          1. Thanks Grid, hoping you are doing GREAT ⭐️ and staying on the profitable side of the markets

      1. Ted, you are so right; NS is so much stronger today than anytime the last few years and I’m happy I get to take profit at these levels. I’m unsure about a call, but really have no interest in holding this “fake” note and its place in the companies preferred/debt stack.
        All the very best for profitable investing to you, A

    1. Welcome back, AZ, but I have to ask: what made unloading NSS Priority # 1 for you with your newfound or refound freedom to trade?

      Ooops! I see you sort of answered this one already….

      1. 2WR, thank you so much for your reply. Just so you know, during my time in “buy/sell lockdown” I read many of your interesting posts on III that were very useful and informative. I want to thank you for your dedication to veritable excellence and helping people here.
        Be well my friend ✌🏻

      1. Thank you so much Alpha! I’m so happy to be back, being able to talk intelligent income investing and sharing ideas with everyone here. We should all have Tim on our holiday gift list 💰

  2. Tim, 200 DMA for BWBPP is around $17.80. Might be too much to expect a direct breakout through that level. Just in case you needed an excuse to take profits.

  3. I was thinking of selling my PBI-B shares today, they are selling for $3.00 a share more than my purchase price, but like Tim, I have no better idea at the moment, so I will just collect interest on them for now, about 10.5% on my cost. I did a little UTG

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