Lodging REIT Ashford Hospitality Makes Exchange Offer

Junky lodging REIT Ashford Hospitality (AHT) has made an exchange offer for their outstanding preferred shares.

The company has just executed a 1 for 10 share reverse stock split of their common shares and now wants to pay cash for some of their preferreds.

The company is offering $9.75/share cash for just a small portion of the preferred shares and is looking for consent from holders to convert the balance into common shares. 66 2/3% of holders must agree for this exchange to happen.

Additionally it is conditioned upon the company’s ability to raise $30 million in new money to fund the cash portion of the exchange.

The details of this offer can be read here.

2 thoughts on “Lodging REIT Ashford Hospitality Makes Exchange Offer”

  1. Looks like it was a one day pop and settling back down into the muck. Flipped some quick shares yesterday. Watching these again for a low entry point to make a couple bucks.

  2. Interesting. Have some HT preferred (also a junky lodging) that I brought in the $3 – $4 range.

    Took them out at $11 after reading this.

    Suspect, they may try a similar path.

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