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Kind of a Quiet Day

All around it is kind of quiet today–equities off a little bit and the 10 year treasury off 2 basis points to 3.90%–looks to me like everyone is waiting on the personal consumption expenditures (PCE) tomorrow–we could have some real fireworks.

A quick glance at my accounts show they are just about as flat as the rest of the market–barely moving. Well at least I will see a modest level of dividends and interest early next week as the month ends. Of course I am doing nothing at all with buying or selling.

I see we had 2 Fed yakkers today with 1 still speaking–guess they didn’t have anything bombastic to say as markets are not moving herky/jerky. As has been the case for weeks and weeks the 1st time unemployment claims numbers came in lower than expectations–employment continues. 4th quarter GDP numbers were adjusted a bit–but not market moving.

Looks like I spoke too soon on the Fed speakers as Mary Daly from San Francisco is speaking and the S&P500 just took a decent jump (at 1:15 central) and the 10 year treasury yield dropped 2 more basis points.–she must have a dovish tone to her speech.

4 thoughts on “Kind of a Quiet Day”

  1. Tim are you snowed in?? wow all the snow! We have had nearly zero snow this winter in Pittsburgh and it is 71 degrees..crazy winter for sure!! Bea

  2. More likely her mike when silent before she had a chance to do any damage.
    (Does everyone have to go through 2 or 3 picture quizzes before they can post?)

    1. Yes-sometimes I feel like the Great OZ is behind the curtain- jerking my chain seeing how many I will put up with. The worst site for that is cefdata.com – had about 8 tries, then it switched to asking what is Not in the
      picture !! Also- I brought up a bdc, then a couple min later it said ‘not found’.

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