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Investor Presentation for Enterprise Financial

I post the investor presentations as I come across them.

Banker Enterprise Financial (EFSC) posted a investor presentation on 5/15/2023 which I just perused. EFSC is a smaller bank holding company with about $13 billion in assets–they have operations in New Mexico, Missouri, Texas, Florida, California and Kansas.

The company has a 5% fixed rate perpetual preferred outstanding (EFSCP) trading at $15.18 with a current yield of 8.23%.

This is a highly efficient banking company with an efficiency ratio of around 50%–obvious keeping expenses in check.

One thought on “Investor Presentation for Enterprise Financial”

  1. Zwei–unfortunately many of these smaller bank issues are that way. If I decide to add it would be a GTC order near the bid–can’t overpay on these or any issues.

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