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Input Needed

I have a new person working on making some changes to the website and below is 1 idea I had—but I don’t know if it is a good or bad idea.

I could put in a ‘registration’ page so that commenters could set up their registration and then would no longer have a need to continually enter ‘name’ and email addresses—once you are logged in no further actions are required.

To me this seems pretty logical–that it would be preferred to the current method. Currently I think I am the only person to have to log in—but it makes everything easier.

As I understand it I could set it up so that the registration would be ‘username’ and email address. The email address would have to be ‘real’ as the registration would kick out an activation link for the registration.

Additionally the addition of the registration would further reduce spam–which I see, but thus far we have kept it out of the comments as far as I know.

Having a registration would also set up other opportunities–i.e. get notifications of a reply to a comment etc.

What am I missing? Opinions of this idea.

49 thoughts on “Input Needed”

  1. Lurker here – I’ll just mirror the many comments giving thanks for the site and say I too would be happy to pay or at minimum throw a tip in your jar. I appreciate the information and also the banter and nuggets of info and backstories that come up from the other posters.

    One thing I would like to see is the spreadsheet including suspended payers, or a separate spreadsheet of issues in suspension. That would appeal to the gambler in me – I only buy about 1 lottery ticket a year, so that could be my gambling outlet…

    My story is that I had discovered the NLY (mREIT) preferreds after being familiar with the company, and bought them in March of 2020 when all hell was breaking loose. I was just focusing on them and had no idea of the larger world of preferreds, nor of the fact that what I was seeing that day on these issues was happening across the market. Later on I discovered III. Thanks!

    1. Scot, please check the Sandbox page. I just posted a list of suspended payers for you. . .

      1. Thanks Tex. Obviously these have more in common with call options on Gamestop than income securities.

  2. It’s not a problem for me as an occasional poster. I would be more interested in a better search function. Maybe I just don’t know how to use the current search box correctly. Finding posts mentioning specific issues from a few weeks or months ago is not easy for me even if I know the user who posted.

    1. Thanks 35spline–yes the search function as it is works, but is cumbersome. My new technical person may have better knowledge on how to improve some of these functions.

  3. This sounds like a great idea.
    Thanks for all you do. I really like your site and think it is the best for “innovative” income producing ideas. All the best!

  4. It sounds like a good idea, Tim. Posting is not hard now, mainly because browsers have autofill, so name and email address get entered with a single keystroke. The new system will make it even easier. Thanks for all u do.

  5. You establish and maintain the BEST website pertaining to preferred stocks and other income investment matters. Then, you give it away! I support whatever will make your effort to maintain this website easier and better for you personally. An initial log-in for frequent users seems to make sense but, in the end, you deserve the unconditional support of anyone using this site—do what you want! Thanks for your generosity and the intelligent way you’ve gone about keeping this website going. (P.S. I’d certainly support a “Donation” tab or a modest annual fee)

  6. Hi Tim

    I am not a frequent commentator but a very frequent user daily.
    The information for me and others is valuable and free.
    At 83 years old I am still still learning, I really appreciate all you,
    and every person that comments provides.
    Whatever makes yiur life easier and taking into account safety would be the road I would suggest. Whenever you decide to charge a fee to use and gather all the info I am all in. Very best regards.

    1. Hi William–glad you are finding value. You are not alone in not commenting–this is really the norm. We have a few thousand ‘regulars’ here and lots more passerbys – most don’t comment, but hopefully they are finding some value.

      Thanks for your comment.

  7. I don’t understand… Are you talking about having to sign in every time you want to post to the site as opposed to having to sign in to use it??? I know I don’t have to sign in all the time to use the site, so was wondering if I’m doing something differently than most others. As far as signing in to post a reply, it’s essentially automated for me via my password manager so it’s not a big problem for me.. Even recaptcha isn’t that royal a pain.

    1. 2wr–just talking about for commenting. I thought there was a password manager that probably helps some. The sign in is a 1 time thing then you comment without any further action whatsoever.

      Thanks for chiming in.

  8. Tim, I decided to take a 60,000 foot view instead of the previous 50,000 one. If you have not already done so, robust security should be the number one priority before you do anything else. If you change the website so that you no longer have to login, that might mean the anyone that gets access to your computer could automatically log in, possibly by remote login? Without knowing more details, I can’t say what the risks are. But your IT person is hopefully well versed in security. If security is all good, then I would descend back to the 50,000 foot view.

    Recent LA Times article about website security:
    A ransomware attack cost this entrepreneur a year of his life and almost wrecked his business
    By Michael Hiltzik Los Angeles Times
    July 27, 2022 11:18 AM PT

    When ransomware bandits struck his business last June, encrypting all his data and operational software and sending him a skull-and-crossbones image and an email address to learn the price he would have to pay to restore it all, Fran Finnegan thought it would take him weeks to restore everything to its pre-hack condition.

    It took him more than a year.

    1. Tim
      I agree that security is the most important concern. More generally if it is not broken, do not fix it. The fill in we do now is quick and easy so why open yourself up to problems? Focus on security. thanks all your efforts. sc

      1. Thanks sc4–I am going to review any security issues with the tech folks and insure were would be adequately covered.

    2. Thanks Tex for the advice. Motivated me to change my password for this site just moments ago to what I think is a really strong format. Also will do further checking with tech on security upgrades–I think I am pretty strong in that respect but one never knows for sure until it is too late.

  9. This would be wonderful Tim.
    Would it also result in eliminating the CAPTCHA? – I’m having a hard time figuring out if that “thing” is part of a bicycle! 🙂

    Would you also be willing to set up a “tip jar” to help defray costs of your assistant?

  10. Tim, I am not sure I agree with this for one simple reason. Taking a 50,000 foot view, there is one of you that runs this place and there are maybe 50 of us that post semi-regularly. Since you have a new software person, I would selfishly make sure this is YOUR highest priority that makes your life easier. It changing your login procedure is your number one highest priority, then go for it. If on the other hand, there is something else that would make your life easier, possibly that should be the top project for your software person

    This is the thought process I go through for my software person. For those of us on this side of III, our priorities for software development are some combination of making life easier and/or making more money. A different set of constraints than yours.

    With as straight a face as possible, I find it morally reprehensible that you are spending your hard earned money on this and we are freeloading off of it. The investing gods will not smile on us if we keep this up.

    1. Fredson–I think it would eliminate it, but not totally certain. When I comment I just have to do a check box ‘i’m not a robot’.

      And yes I am investigating a ‘tip jar’ so to speak.

    2. Tex–you are sure thoughtful and wise (but I already knew that)–thank you for those thoughts.

  11. Sounds good. I find alot of useful info on this site. I would be happy to pay an annual fee to help cover some of your time & costs. Thanks, Brett

    1. Thanks Brett–glad you are helped here. I may soon give you the opportunity to make a modest donation.

      1. Hi Tim, Echoing Tex’s wise comments, seems morally and ethically indefensible for us not to contribute.

        Glad you’re finally doing this. I’m in. So grateful for you, your site and all the great members.

      2. Tim,
        After 10 years of following you and your website and seeing all the comments and advice that others post here I have been feeling guilty not contributing to help defray the cost of this website. I am guessing there may be tax ramifications that add a burden to you if you charge a membership. But if you put up a “tip jar” I would be glad to donate. But I agree with Tex, once you attach anything monetary to your site security would be a #1 priority.
        If I don’t see a donate button soon, I will be sending you a couple debit cards and I hate paying the service charge on those things.

  12. Sounds like a good idea to me. I hope that you are not incurring out of pocket costs to make these changes. Most of us would be happy to contribute to covering costs plus more.

    1. LarryL–just did $1000 retainer with a new tech person–oh well I love it and will give folks an opportunity to donate soon.

  13. I’m for it since it makes it easier for you – we all get the benefit when running this site is easier for you. Much appreciated, Tim.

  14. Makes a lot of sense. It would make posting more streamline without having to enter that info every time. I assume once logged in you can stay logged in?
    And I assume it will have no impact on using a RSS reader to read all the comments?

    1. Maverick—yes I assume you would remain logged in until you log out–I do it days at a time–eventually it makes me log in again. I assume no impact on a RSS feed. Thanks for your input.

  15. Outstanding idea Tim! Thank you for always making this posting investment site better each month 🏆

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