iMedia Brands to Sell Baby Bonds

Interactive TV company iMedia Brands (IMBI) has announced a new offering of baby bonds.

The senior notes will carry a coupon of 8.50% and will have a maturity date on 9/30/2026. 3 million shares (bonds) are proposed to be sold.

As I have come to expect on marginal offerings from B Riley these notes will carry a bonus rate for early redemption starting on 9/30/2023 at $25.75 and reducing to $25.25 on 9/30/2025 until maturity.

The issue should carry the permanent ticker of IMBIL when it trades on the NASDAQ.

The preliminary supplement is here.

2 thoughts on “iMedia Brands to Sell Baby Bonds”

  1. Guess I’m going to have to seriously consider this one. As owners of Shop-HQ. what orders my wife make not positively impacting the revenues of QRTEA go here instead………:)

  2. FQG: First Quick Glance:
    $28.5 MM private first mortgage stacked in August 2021.
    $0.26 loss last quarter. Interest coverage negative.
    645 employees in the Lake State of MN.
    Other top heavy and negative numbers.
    Appealing terms, but me? Not.

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