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If You Need to Apologize for Making a Political Comment – Just Backspace and Take the Comment Out

A reminder to take your political comments somewhere other than this website.

Once again I removed a comment. While I am on site most everyday, all day I have to sift through dozens, if not hundreds, of comments to find political comments.

The offender knows who he/she is I am sure and I do have the tools to ‘ban’ someone if necessary and have a list of offenders. Thus far there are only 2 banned people–let’s keep it that way.

Thanks to the 99.5% of commenters for avoiding politics–we all have some definite strong feelings on that topic, but I know I work hard to avoid writing about it.

11 thoughts on “If You Need to Apologize for Making a Political Comment – Just Backspace and Take the Comment Out”

  1. This was the first preferred I bought. I might have to get back in now that it’s in the 40s.

  2. Thought this was appropriate place to air a complaint. i tried to place an order for TY-P today thru my Edward Jones rep. under $45.00 was denied not approved for purchase could buy the common not but not preffered.?Registered another ongoing complaint with this bunch never get a response. tell anyone to avoid Edward Jones at all cost if possible. this transends politics,religion etc.

    1. Mike–I nibbled a bit more today–didn’t plan to but the 2 buck drop lured me in. Through FIDO

      1. Tim, thanks for the vote of approval care to represent me with those morons in St .Louis? Mike

    2. Mike – with interest rates much higher I’m wondering what the allure for TY-P is? Sub 5% yield for a perpetual seems awfully low in todays market.

      1. It pays approx 5.5% at the price it was going for today. Plus ultra safe. That is about the going yield on the safest CEF preferreds.

        1. gr joel & fc,, Fc says it all, I also have a fixed annuity I can cash out, thats out of surrender penalty yielding 3.00% looking for appropriate home in in a ira does that make any sense guys?

    3. I had no problem buying TY-P under $45 yesterday on FIDO. You should really reconsider having an account with Eddy Jones, these people don’t always have clients best interests at heart.

  3. As much as politics are polarizing, the most entertaining one at one time for sure was the HDO rant. HDO did the impossible which is to transcend politics and religion.

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