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Hope This Finds All Well

I would call this the ‘pause that refreshes’–refreshes a lot!!

Likely you all have good gains today, but have a long way to go to recoup losses from the last week or so. I was very happy to see some nice gains–and right after the market opened today I was able to nibble the utility issues as well as the CEF preferreds. Not big buys – just small adds. No sales at all as I have been out of the office most of the day.

Certainly trading today seems a bit more normalized–no one knows if it will last.

BUT you know there will be plenty of turmoil–we will still be sorting out the companies that survive and those that are ‘dead ducks‘–and there are going to be plenty of dead ducks. Maybe though we will get to those 1-2% movements in the market instead of 4-8% moves–speed kills.

Who knows–maybe we will start to see new issues in a couple weeks–maybe I am overly optimistic–one day at a time.

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