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Here Come the Dividend Cuts

As some have probably noticed lodging REITs Pebblebrook (PEB) and Park Hotels and Resorts (PK) have already announced dividend suspensions on future payments for their commons shares (after some which have already been declared are paid).

This is a smart move–anyone who tries to be a hero on their common dividends will pay the price–in particular in the REIT segment where dividends are high (relatively speaking). If there are lodging REITs that have not suspended–they are fools.

Of course there are many preferreds in the lodging REIT arena and they have been ‘creamed’. I would not yet try to be a ‘hero’ in this segment at this point in time–maybe in the future.

Additionally companies in all segments in the U.S. will probably cut their dividends–they will never miss an excuse to cut dividends–and this may be prudent.

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