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Headlines of Interest – Lots of Pertinent Earnings

Below are some headlines from company’s which have preferred stock or baby bonds outstanding .

Raymond James Financial Reports Fiscal Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2022 Results


Arbor Realty Trust Schedules Third Quarter 2022 Earnings Conference Call

ARMOUR Residential REIT, Inc. logo

ARMOUR Residential REIT, Inc. Announces Q3 Results and September 30, 2022 Financial Position


Hersha Hospitality Trust Announces Third Quarter 2022 Results

Color Logo - Teekay.png

Teekay Group to Announce Third Quarter 2022 Earnings Results on November 3, 2022

Fidus Investment Corporation Logo

Fidus Investment Corporation Schedules Third Quarter 2022 Earnings Release and Conference Call

BOKF logo.jpg

BOK Financial Corporation Reports Quarterly Earnings of $157 million or $2.32 Per Share in the Third Quarter

Stifel-Logo-200x75px for Globe.jpg

Stifel Reports Third Quarter 2022 Results


Priority Income Fund is Now Available on the Schwab Alternative Investment OneSource® Platform for Registered Investment Advisers

ARMOUR Residential REIT, Inc. logo

ARMOUR Residential REIT, Inc. Announces November 2022 Dividend Rate Per Common Share

View Press Release

Schwab Declares Common Stock Dividend and Declares Preferred Stock Dividends

View Press Release

Customers Bancorp Reports Results for Third Quarter 2022

View Press Release

Annaly Capital Management, Inc. Reports 3rd Quarter 2022 Results

View Press Release

AXIS Capital Reports Third Quarter 2022 Results

View Press Release

Popular, Inc. Announces Third Quarter 2022 Financial Results

13 thoughts on “Headlines of Interest – Lots of Pertinent Earnings”

  1. RE: CUBI-E and F FWIW, I listened in on today’s CUBI CC and also tried to get a question in the queue to ask about the fate of the two preferreds going forward….. There was absolutely no mention of these preferreds during the call nor did my question make it to the floor…. I don’t know what to make of this – whether by implication they are willing to let them survive until March 15, or if it’s a fait accompli they’ll be called. But wouldn’t it be nice if they let ’em ride?????? We’ll know for sure I suppose by November 16… CUBI would have to announce a call before that date approx in order to call them on the dividend payment date of 12/15…. If they don’t, they survive until the next payment date, 3/15. And if I figure correctly, if the 3/15 coupon rate were to be figured today, CUBI-E would go to approx 9.51% and F to 9.13%….

    1. Dang, 2WR, you need a hobby, ha. That takes too long, I scanned the CC transcript in 2 minutes and saw nothing either. Kuddos for you trying to get in the que though!
      They have been silent on preferreds past couple CC’s. They are busy using cash to buy common stock float up. The preferred market is no good now. I bet they are good for another quarter. That is my one cent worth opinion.

      1. What the hey, Grid, it’s a good way to keep me from making too many trades, although I was the lucky guy who bot all of 100 F today at 25………but, you know, maybe you’re right – I do need another hobby… Maybe I’ll see what info I can dig up on pre-Civil War bond issues…. Oh wait! I know somebody who already does that….

    1. But look at what they have done relative to the projections of core earnings they have maintained all year long…. They have already exceeded those projections for the whole year in only 3 quarters…. Also using whatever rationale number you want to throw in for the fourth quarter and come up with a core P/E rate…. Yup, CUBI continues to be the Rodney Dangerfield of banks. I wonder if they’ll address their plans for the preferreds in the CC… I know I’ve submitted a question about them so let’s see what they say…. I think they list the preferreds as having $137 mil outstanding….

      1. Earnings aren’t really that relevant for bank preferreds. The focus should really be on their capital ratios. That’s what determines whether they have to suspend divs. You want to start with a big cushion that hopefully gets you through a default cycle.

  2. ARR not looking too healthy IMO and I have a decent position of the ARR-C. Need to watch that one closely I guess.

    1. All the mreits, pretty much, have been battered. The preferred is always a safer choice compared to the common when discussing getting paid. If they reduce the common’s dividend that is a win for preferred holders. As for a total melt down… well anything can happen I suppose. I do not see that happening. They are just in a rough spot like many others.

      1. LADR and SACH have both raised their dividends since July. LADR twice for a 15% total and SACH once for 16.7%.

        Many of their loans are made at floating rates while their debt is at a fixed rate. The increasing spread during periods of rising rates explains their largesse.

      2. fc, Would not touch the common, but best acquistion prices available for the mREIT-pfds in quite a while. Added a bunch of the safer AGNCO in the low $19s and AGNCP in the high $16s. Ready to buy more if the market offers.

        Unrated, but AGNC pfds is one of the safest in the biz dealing with some of the best underlying residential mortgage assets ever – all made possible via strict underwriting guidelines put in place post-2010.

        1. I have to say I went with the AGNCL myself. Thankfully I was lucky enough to buy after the big drop but still in the red even then by a wee bit. I learned a lot about mreits during the covid meltdown. Studied them hard/quickly and have quite a few holdings of them at 7-10 bucks a share paying 20% or so. Only the Anworth (RC-D) has been called away. Buying at these current prices is not quite like that but 10% or so is very solid. Why even bother with mreit common. Almost no point in my view.

          For a while there back during covid days I was even automatically reinvesting the dividends. hah. That is not something I would do during normal times. Did not even care about the spread. Just grab more until they recovered approx 9 months later.

        2. I agree with you. We haven’t seen better acquisition prices on mReit preferreds since the Covid crash.

          I always own some – but I will take advantage of opportunities like this

          Like you, I stay away from the common and just buy the preferred. Even during the Covid crash, only the riskiest mreit preferreds suspended dividends for a short time. The majority had no issues

          AGNC and NLY are the two safest IMO (but I own some others on a lesser scale as well)

    2. I think ARR made up for most (all?) of their losses by issuing more common stock. So preferreds pretty much enjoying the same high level of coverage. The 7% fixed rate coupon is inadequate in this rate environment, though.

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