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Headlines of Interest

Below are press releases from company’s with preferred stock or baby bonds outstanding–or just general news of interest.


AMMO, Inc. Sets Fiscal Third Quarter 2023 Earnings Call

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Wells Fargo Updates 2023 Earnings Release Date Information and Announces 2024 Dates

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Drive Shack Inc. Joins the OTCQX Best Market

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Urstadt Biddle Properties Inc. Announces Tax Treatment For 2022 Distributions

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Dynex Capital, Inc. Announces 2022 Dividend Tax Information

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KKR Real Estate Finance Trust Inc. Tax Treatment of 2022

VNO_rt_Logo_black 04 28 2015.jpg

Vornado Announces Non-Cash Impairment Charges to be Included in its Fourth Quarter 2022 Financial Results


Scorpio Tankers Inc. To Announce Fourth Quarter 2022 Results and Have a Conference Call on February 16, 2023

Fidus Investment Corporation Logo

Fidus Investment Corporation Announces Deemed Distribution of $1.65 per Share and U.S. Federal Income Tax Treatment of 2022 Dividends

SoCalGas Declares Preferred Dividends

SoCalGas Declares Preferred Dividends



8 thoughts on “Headlines of Interest”

  1. I picked up a couple hundred shares of SOCGP for $25.87 today. 5.8% uncallable seemed like a decent yield if the 10 year holds.

    1. Lol, Dick you shagged me! I bought 200 at 25.95 today. That is it though as I already have 500 of SOCGM bought around 25.50 before previous last divi. I bought these only to keep some relative balance as I own very few illiquids now and not many perpetuals either for that matter…And many of these are crawling back up dropping under 5.5%. Probably will “pull a Bea” and raise a bit more cash, though I tend to add to 30 day CDs so I cant get ahold of the cash so easily.

      1. Haha I just entered a limit order at $25.95 and Schwab filled it for a little less.

        It looks like there is more SOCGP available for $25.95 this morning. There’s been a lot of volume. I’m up to 500 shares now. I may add more depending on whether some of my sell orders fill.

        1. It disappeared from screen, but 2 days ago there was a 6,000 sell order out at around $26.20. These may not be the ones selling now, though.

      2. Well I guess I am monkey see, monkey do. I have been eyeing this ill for a long time so I scraped the bottom of the barrel of one account and bought 233 shares. As preferred rise in price this one is quite competitive currently for what it is.

  2. Maybe they should call it a “redeemed distribution.,” but then they never did distribute anything. Have seen a default distribution of shares, where you have to elect cash, but at least you get a choice.

  3. I’ve never experienced a “Deemed Distribution” such as FDUS is declaring….. In general, what do III’ers think of them? FDUS does a reasonable job of providing the facts at Tim’s link, but still, in practical terms are they considered a good thing or not? I do not own FDUS.

    1. It is an undistributed capital gain. You will get a Form 2439 from your broker if in a taxable account, and if held in an IRA, the custodian should be filing for a tax refund for the tax paid by Fidus.

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