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Headlines of Interest

Below are press releases from companies with preferred stock and/or baby bonds outstanding–or just news of a general interest.

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T-Mobile to Acquire UScellular Wireless Operations and Deliver Exceptional Value, a Superior 5G Experience and Unparalleled Benefits to Millions of Customers


Global Ship Lease Announces Introduction of Quarterly Supplemental Dividend for Common Shareholders

FTAI Aviation Logo.png

FTAI Aviation Announces Secondary Offering of Ordinary Shares

MFIN Logo New (1).jpg

Medallion Financial Corp. Set to Join Russell 3000® Index

CTO Realty Growth Logo NO Ticker.jpg

CTO Realty Growth Declares Dividends For the Second Quarter 2024

FTAI Aviation Logo.png

FTAI Aviation Announces Internalization, Terminates Management and Advisory Agreement

Midcap Financial logo RGB 300.jpg

MidCap Financial Investment Corporation Announces Stockholder Approval of the Proposal Related to the Proposed Mergers with Apollo Senior Floating Rate Fund Inc. (“AFT”) and Apollo Tactical Income Fund Inc. (“AIF”), and AFT and AIF Announce Adjournment of Special Meetings of Stockholders to Allow for Additional Time for Stockholders to Vote “FOR” the Merger Proposals

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AG Mortgage Investment Trust, Inc. Set to Join the Russell 3000® Index

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Terreno Realty Corporation Announces Development Completion in Hialeah, FL

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Energy Transfer to Acquire WTG Midstream in a $3.25 Billion Transaction

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      Guaranteed, on a subordinated basis, by
      Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. and the other guarantors identified herein
      Class A Preferred Limited Partnership Units, Series 16 of
      Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. Issuable Upon Automatic Exchange

      Baby bond

  1. Derek- Unfortunately, I don’t think they have any other issues that trade beyond the common. Years ago, I used to own TRNO-A, but it was called in 2017. That was a nice 7.75% issue when the company was still much younger. I’ll have to take a look at Vanguard tomorrow to see if they have any outstanding bonds. Great company with very little debt compared to the value of the properties.

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