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Headlines of Interest

Below are press releases from companies with preferred stock and/or baby bonds outstanding–or just news of general interest.


Star Bulk Announces Results of its 2024 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

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Navios Maritime Partners L.P. Reports Financial Results for the First Quarter Ended March 31, 2024

CareCloud Logo_Blue.jpg

CareCloud Reports First Quarter 2024 Results

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Allstate Announces Quarterly Dividend

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Schwab Reports Monthly Activity Highlights

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Qurate Retail, Inc. to Hold Virtual Annual Meeting of Stockholders

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Liberty Broadband Corporation to Hold Virtual Annual Meeting of Stockholders


Atlanticus Announces Approval of Quarterly Preferred Stock Dividend

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CNB Financial Corporation Announces Quarterly Dividend for Common Stock


Star Bulk Announces Date for the Release of First Quarter Ended March 31, 2024 Results, Conference Call and Webcast

Oxford Lane Capital Corp. Announces Increase in Monthly Common Stock Distributions and Announces Net Asset Value and Selected Financial Results for the Fourth Fiscal Quarter

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Two Harbors Investment Corp. Announces Details Pertaining to the 2024 Annual Meeting of Stockholders

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AM Best Assigns Issue Credit Rating to CNO Financial Group, Inc.’s New Senior Unsecured Notes

5 thoughts on “Headlines of Interest”

    1. Announced after hours. Hopefully it closes in time for coverage of the next dividend. Warehousing is one of the stronger sectors of the REIT business.

      1. That isn’t what warehousing means in this context.

        “Warehouse lending is the well-established practice of depository institutions providing various structured financial solutions — either lines of credit or repurchase agreements — to non-depository independent mortgage banks (IMBs) to facilitate home-lending to individual borrowers.”

        These loans are generally temporary and are usually repaid when the underlying home mortgages are securitized.

        This is just short term breathing room by selling literally the safest loans on their books.

        1. To be fair this is exactly what they said they would do. Depositors remain with the bank. In the meantime I have a capital gain on the preferred and have a yield that is great. It takes a strong stomach to take these risks but thus far all have paid off. Cannot predict the future but I do like it when management does what they say.

          1. NYCB-A up again so I finally had to sell with a 21% gain. Will miss the almost 9% dividend. Will continue to watch for an opportunity to buy again if their strategy shows continuous stability.

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