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Headlines of Interest

Below are press releases from companys that have preferred stock or baby bonds outstanding. Or just of general interest

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Dynex Capital, Inc. Declares Common and Preferred Stock Dividends

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Fifth Third Bancorp Announces Cash Dividends

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Farmland Partners Asset Appreciation Leads to Declaration of $0.21 per Share Special Dividend

RPT logo (1).jpg

RPT Realty Shareholders Approve Mergers

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Orchid Island Capital Announces December 2023 Monthly Dividend and November 30, 2023 RMBS Portfolio Characteristics

Global Medical REIT Inc. Board Declares 2023 Fourth Quarter Common and Preferred Dividends


Horizon Bancorp, Inc. Announces Balance Sheet Repositioning

NYRT logo.jpg

New York REIT Liquidating LLC Announces Declaration of Distribution of $0.10 Per Unit

Apollo Logo (1).jpg

Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance, Inc. Declares Quarterly Common Stock Dividend

GECC New Logo.jpg

Great Elm Capital Corp. (“GECC”) Declares $0.10 Per Common Share Special Cash Distribution

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JPMorgan Chase Declares Common Stock Dividend

2 thoughts on “Headlines of Interest”

  1. Interesting on Horizon Bancorp. This announcement came out at 4:05PM, obviously at the close… There doesn’t seem to be much afterhours activity but what there is is positive… proactivity seemingly is being rewarded..

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