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General Finance Announces Redemption of Baby Bonds

Leasing/rental corporation General Fiannce (GFN) has announced that they will redeem the last $11.6 million of the 8.125% baby bonds (GFNSL) on 1/15/21.

The announcement is here.

The company had previously made 2 partial calls of the bonds.

GFN has a newer baby bond outstanding with a coupon of 7.875% as well as a $100 perpetual preferred with a coupon of 9% which you can see here.

2 thoughts on “General Finance Announces Redemption of Baby Bonds”

  1. Tim
    You show the GFNCP as being not qualified. QOL shows it as being qualified, which, if I interpret correctly, is confirmed by the prospectus.

    1. Hi nhcoast–I will change it–yes it is qualified (as long as they have income). Thanks for the heads up

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