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5 thoughts on “FTAI Aviation Offering New Fixed-Rate Reset Preferred”

  1. They released a PR saying the preferreds has priced but annoyingly didn’t say what the price was!!

  2. I just do not need another preferred/baby bond I have to worry about. Pass.

    I am waiting to see if we hit a new low in preferred/baby bond arena right now.

  3. The last deal I can remember from Fortress was Florida Brightline (HI speed) train. They were…. GREEN BONDS…. Came out at 7 3/8% tax free. 4.1 discount to FACE.

    I ve never heard of such a rate in muni land. Guess fortress didn’t get a lot of respect if they had to pay that much? 9.5 sounds relatively rich compared to that.

    What do I know FTAI could be oversubscribed!

  4. In looking at FTAI, keep in mind that they recently spun out their infer structure investments into a separate holding. As suc past numbers need to be adjusted to get a true picture. The aircraft maintenance element of the firm’s present activities will significantly strengthen their overall activity. sc

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