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9 thoughts on “Fossil Group Ticker Update”

  1. I see a few people have purchased already. What is it about this issue that makes you feel comfortable buying it? I cannot seem to make up my mind about it even as a possible flip or a short term hold.

    I have a feeling I am not the only one in this boat.

    1. Nothing. I bought a little because I’ve made money on IPO flips though not in recent weeks. Maybe the fun is over for now.

    2. For myself, some reasons (none overly compelling). To be sure, there is risk here but acceptable to me based on the following-
      – With the potential for rates to rise, I am focused on term preferreds
      – Acceptable coupon (7%) for the financials
      – Diversification of my preferred portfolio into consumer discretionary. Currently too heavy with CLO’s, mREITS, Shipping
      – Fossil is a recognizable brand. I can see (and have seen) consumer interest in their products

      1. I agree with Proto here – a recognizable brand, a decent coupon for the risk, a desire to diversify out of shipping. Some rollover money needing a home. Also, they may pick up a tail wind from the reopening trade. I have a sense that people want to get out and spend again.

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