First Guaranty Bancshares Prices New Preferred

While the SEC free writing prospectus (FWP) has not been posted to the SEC website we do have a press release giving some details of the new First Guaranty Bancshares (FGBI) preferred stock.

The issue prices at 6.75% for 1.2 million shares (with another 180,000 available for over allotment. The issue is non cumulative

The ticker should be FGBIP when it begins trading in a day or two – no OTC grey market ticker has been announced.

The press release is here.

FOLLOWTHEMONEY was on top of this.

3 thoughts on “First Guaranty Bancshares Prices New Preferred”

    1. Issues destined for NASDAQ can take a few days before they trade under their tickers. May be buyable sooner under the CUSIP at the good old bond desk.

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