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Easy Come, Easy Go!!

Well I was feeling good about the portfolios until today – looks like there is some profit taking in issues that have run up quite a bit–for instance Bridgewater Bancorporation 5.875% preferred (BWBBP)–now trading around $18.06–way down from the high of around $19.30 just 5-6 days ago. Also the Tricontinental 5% preferred (TY-P) always causes consternation because it moves on little volume–down $1.36 share on 300-400 shares of volume. Oh well – things will change tomorrow for sure.

Well the job openings and turnover report (JOLTS) came out today and job openings were a bit less than expected–6,000 under the expected 8.85 million–I guess the lowest number of openings in 3 years, but not exactly weak in my mind. All in all probably an OK number with the Fed. The 10 year treasury is off 1 basis point at 3.93% – so not much reaction – guess we are going to wait for FOMC minutes in a few minutes or the ‘official’ employment stats on Friday.

I am on hold as far as buying today – just haven’t formulated my next buy yet and I don’t want to buy just for the sake of buying.

Well 5 minutes to FOMC minutes – so let’s see what happens.

7 thoughts on “Easy Come, Easy Go!!”

  1. Hi mSquare
    Could you please explain what a floater means?
    Saw this on the list of baby bonds:
    Zions Bancorp F-t-F ZIONL 6.950% $25.74 $0.20 Floating Floating 9/15/2023 9/15/2028 15th 3,6,9,12

    1. Hello, TOM, and welcome to III. By your question I suspect you are new here and I admire your willingness to ask questions…. I will also assume that you may not know about https://www.quantumonline.com/. Take a gander at that sight and look up ZIONL. Read the description there and see if that is enough info for you to figure out what floating/floating means. I will also suggest that the description “floating/floating” ought to apply to some other baby bonds on the list here, such as ALL-B for one, but it’s not yet been incorporated into the description. I think what’s meant is that it is a bond or preferred that has a floating rate characteristic to it and that it is presently already floating not fixed. And if I’m wrong, then I doubly thank you for asking the question ‘cuz we’ll both learn something from an answer I”m sure will be forthcoming.

  2. FITBI trading at $25.0x ! Was callable 12/31/2023 but cannot find any call notice.

    So, is It now a floater at SOFR + $0.26151 + 3.71% with next ex-divd March 27, 2024,

    1. With the rate being set based on SOFR as it was on or about 12/27, it looks like the coupon rate for 3/31/24 ought to be approximately 9.31%. However, keep in mind, somewhat unusual for a bank, FITBI will be continuously callable on 30 days notice instead of only on payment dates

      It also looks as though they paid approx 8.88% for the the quarter on FITXL which paid $22.22088 on 1/2/24, so they’ve been paying juicy floating rates for 2 quarters now on XL

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