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9 thoughts on “Eagle Point Credit Company Term Preferred Pricing Detail”

    1. Craig–above average risk as a CLO holder–mostly equity tranches (the highest risk tranche). I would own the common shares myself–but would own their term preferreds and baby bonds as they seem to be able to raise plenty of money to give one a margin of safety in the ‘senior securities’.

    2. Craig,

      I would suggest this podcast which gives a good overview of CLOs generally and CLO Equity in particular.


      Majewski is the managing partner at Eagle Point.

      I would also refer you to this Webinar on CLO performance on CLO performance from the Wharton Business School.


      Note that this Webinar makes the point that CLO Equity generates outsized/abnormal returns.

      I listened to these two things before I invested in Eagle Point preferred.
      I would not buy the common CEF at all as fees charged to common equity are very high. These fees actually are higher than the % of abnormal return presented in the Wharton webinar.

      Personally – I would not give up a single basis point to buy the notes in these funds.

      You can compare this ECC term preferred issue to CCIA or OXLCN

      Happy Hunting!

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