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7 thoughts on “COMSovereign Holding Now Trading”

  1. After looking at their balance sheet, odds are much better if you go to vegas and on the roulette wheel, put it all on red 7.

  2. Took a long time to fill, but I’m in at $23.90. If anyone is interested, I highly recommend you listen to their last conference call.

    1. They seem to be rapidly approaching $1 in their falling common- off to OTC?
      They do have some interesting holdings, but having a hard time of it.
      Looks like you have to subscribe to emails to get their reports- not nice.

      1. I’m trying to decide if I should sell OTRKP and lick my wounds. I certainly don’t need another potential dog. Your advice anyone?

        1. I can tell you that I dumpster dive, and I wouldn’t buy till around $7 unless something caught my attention if that helps you at all

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