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9 thoughts on “Citizens Financial Group New Preferred Pricing Data”

  1. Not sure if it was mentioned but andrew Barry over at barrons wrote up CFG H and MTB G in saturdays magazine.

    Hence the volume and action today!!

  2. Thanks for the posting.

    Vanguard won’t sell it yet.

    I agree there is a faint smell. That said, this and M&T, are “loading up” with large issues. Enough to weather the storm? TBD. Meanwhile, pretty good “waiting fee”.

  3. wow these banks having to really pay up MTB now CFG. I do have some MTB 7.5%. Don’t follow Citizens much I do remember when they took over Mellon’s retail system. With the noise in CRE I do wonder if we get a good bank/bad bank thing like what Mellon had to do back in the 1980’s w ‘Grant Street Bank’ for bad loans (1988).. not going to commit any more to this space right now anyway. Bea

    1. Bea—I have been mostly shying away from the regional bankers. Whether right or wrong I sense a ‘shoe yet to drop’ with the CRE situation.

        1. I have to admit Tex the 2nd’s ETF of 20 banks seems to be doing good and I think at last update was even beating the S&P
          Not sure I would buy more at this point, but if another shoe was to drop and a few babies got thrown out with the bath water I would be tempted to add or buy a few.

      1. I have nice gains from buying regional banks a year ago during the panic. Now my dilemma is whether to hold or cash out. Probably the latter but I hate paying taxes.

        1. Martin, I am in the same boat. I went BIG on regionals and have a wonderful gain. I am searching for a comparable investment before selling. We need another “sky is falling” issue.
          Bill Gross is big on Truist as he states it has little commercial real estate exposure. I have not verified that.

          1. LOL , Wanda did you say you have worked in the banking industry before? I said the same thing, we need another event in the market to get some good buys, but what could that do to all the bank stocks we hold ? At buys last year I am getting good returns and some of these are FTF with a few already floating and some to float in the future.

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