CHS Releases Earnings

As noted by ‘Number 6’ in the reader initiated alerts cooperative giant CHS has released their earnings for the quarter ending 5/31/2020.

Revenue was off again–as it has trended lower for a few years. This quarter revenues were $7.2 billion compared to $8.5 billion a year ago. Net income continues to hang in there with $98 million in income this quarter compared to $55 million a year ago.

In the last number of quarters energy sales had been propping up income–but now that has reversed as energy sales were off almost 50% this quarter. There were no energy profits (in fact a sizable loss) this quarter while ag and nitrogen moved more strongly into profits.

CHS has 5 preferred issues outstanding which can be seen here.

The companies 10-Q can be read here.

3 thoughts on “CHS Releases Earnings”

  1. Hi , Tim .. NO one new that allstate just bought National general ins. could of bought much more..

  2. 10-Q worth a read. Interesting to note on the energy loss of $54.8 million, $42 million was from non cash charges for their inventory, so perhaps not as bad as it looks on its face.

    Cash was up $168 million in the Q.

  3. Thank you for sharing Number 6 and thank you Tim. Hopefully the demand for diesel and gasoline in the Midwest will come back eventually.

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