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Charah Solutions Baby Bonds Now Trading

I see the new baby bonds from environmental company Charah Solutions are now trading (at least on eTrade) under ticker CHRB. Now at $24.87.

RayDaBoz also noted this in the comments this morning.

7 thoughts on “Charah Solutions Baby Bonds Now Trading”

    1. Interesting though, that RILYZ doesn’t show up as of yesterday, nor on the list of holdings from the previous quarter.

  1. Petkan,
    Just comments and observations by the people here. Everyone has a different risk tolerance for what they are willing to invest it. Do your own due diligence on anything mentioned.

  2. I picked up a couple hundred shares just to monitor it for a while. I find I am more focused at watching a security if I have a little skin in the game. Albeit just the tip of my finger!

  3. I see the common stock is trading at about $1.25 and the company pays no dividend. Not for me.

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