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Carlyle Finance LLC to Sell New Baby Bonds

Carlyle Group (CG) has announced a new issuance of subordinated notes with a maturity in 2061. The notes will be sold by Carlyle Finance LLC and guaranteed by Carlyle Group.

I don’t find a current rating for this issue, but it likely a fair assumption this will be a low coupon issue–from a solid issuer.

Carlyle Group is an asset manager with $260 billion under management.

The new issue will trade under TCGS when it finally begins to trade on NASDAQ.

The preliminary prospectus can be read here.

J and EarlyBird were right on top of this one.

6 thoughts on “Carlyle Finance LLC to Sell New Baby Bonds”

  1. I agree with Tim most likely a very low yielder as its a solid company. I owned one of their preferreds for years before they called it away of course. On a side note Markel Corp. came out this morning with a 31 Year Bond. Schwab told me it will be a 3.54% coupon. But of course they usually tweek that later in the day. Pretty rough sledding out there for the fixed income crowd.

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