Careful on Politics

I just spent 30 minutes going through comments which Matt had pulled out of the comment stream from yesterday.

I went through and removed a fair amount of the comment–I put a note in it–Tim removed the comment–or something like that.

In these crazy times we still need to avoid political commenting—all it makes is for ‘bad blood’–and in the end we end up being like the old Yahoo boards–totally out of control.

When Matt pulls out comments it temporarily ‘bans’ the person. As I went through and edited the comments the person is no longer banned.

As I mentioned before only 1 or 2 people have been permanently banned and I want to keep it that way–you folks are all too damned smart and we don’t want to lose your brain.

33 thoughts on “Careful on Politics”

  1. Still too much news and opinions about coronavirus being posted. The ability to flag a post as inappropriate would be a nice feature.

  2. No political stuff from me,,I don’t vote and never will.
    Why bother? I enjoy everyone’s comments.
    Stocks matter not politicians

  3. I have left other boards before, as they descend into political bickering and worthlessness. Their usefulness and benefit were totally destroyed and in the end, they died a sad death, with those who destroyed it leaving after everyone else had. A real shame.

    I really hope, along with so many of you fellow posters, that Tim will not allow this board to follow in this deterioration.

    My suggestion is to issue a warning to those who persist in political posts, and if they repeat the violation, a permanent ban.

  4. Tim,

    I guess I’ll dive into this one more time. In the thread entitled “A Decent Day–a Little Nibble Here and There”, there are now several posts arguing either in favor of or against the President’s (and a few other’s) push to curtail/end the “stay at home” orders and reopen businesses. Anyone who is honest about it knows this is as much about politics as it is public health policy (and I’m probably being too generous there).

    I get all that. Personally, I have very strong feelings about the matter. There are PLENTY of online outlets for me to share those opinions if I wanted to (and I don’t).

    This is supposed to be a site about investing. I’m mostly a lurker here, but it’s very hard to be reading people’s great posts about investment decisions they’re making and then…wham…I’m hit with posts on politics again.

    There are lots of things that can affect the market, I understand that. Politics is one of those things, but it is soooo divisive and heated, people’s triggers can get set off really fast. I doubt that any of these good folks who made those posts are experts on infectious diseases, experts on public health, but if they were is this now an infection disease website? No. I hear the political “talking points” in those posts.

    It’s your site, Tim, and I learn quite a bit from the excellent & knowledgeable contributors here. I’m pleading with you and everyone who participates to keep it away from all the political craziness. Thank you again.

  5. Thanks Tim. You are a good man. It’s because of you and this community that I can sleep at night without great anxiety. I’m 72 years old and need my sleep. Need the income from investments too 😊

  6. Thank you for that. Politics does play a role in the markets but snark and snipe are not appreciated.

  7. Succeeded in pushing out my Capital one callable time from 2020 to 2025 by selling COFprF and replacing with COFprJ. I traded a 6.2% for 4.8% but since the J was much cheaper, the actual yield on investment is nearly identical. I figure I get longer call protection plus a decent capital gain if called as the cost was $15.75. My theory is when we emerge from this, interest rates will continue down.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. Just sold my cof-f and immediately bought cof-j. The quarterly payments are almost identical as you said, and my cost basis is about $5.50 less. My preference over the years has been to buy low interest preferreds at low prices giving a decent yield with a lower call probability.

  8. Thanks Tim, the no politics policy keeps this place great. Now on to important things: I’ve got PSA, DLR preferreds. They’re still selling at a nice discount. Any thoughts from people on here about their safety/future (cause i’m soooo tempted to buy more at these prices). Also, i’m holding some RILY preferreds that are just getting hammered. Thoughts on why and if you think they’ll survive? any advice/opinions are appreciated.

    1. I don’t see how you can go wrong owning anything from PSA bought at a discount. I’d be doing it but I’m in a serious cash crunch.

      1. I agree. Things would have to be a total mess for PSA not to pay their preferred dividends. I had a lot of PSA-E (1st call 2021) and shifted it to PSA-H and PSA-I (2024) and now have no call risk and a guaranteed return of nearly 6% for 4 years.

    2. Hello Franklin; Iam no CPA but I’ve looked hard at a DLR preferred. I almost pulled the trigger then a stumbled across an article where they are carrying a huge debt load. I then decided against it. In my humble opinion we are now truly living in “Different Times” where a person really has to pay attention to a companies debt load. Over the last week in all this chaos and fiasco’s I’ve had time to do some research and due dillegence. What I’ve done is buy some big positions of preferreds from BA, WFC, MS, GS, PNC, and JPM. I guess what Iam trying to say is we all need to look at a companies debt and realize the landscape has changed dramatically over just the last 30 or 40 days. As an example, I’ve sold out of my Dillards, Darden Restaurants, Ford, and several others that I deemed as weak financially. Hope this helps a little.

  9. I was beginning to worry that this great investment site was going to head downhill. Thank you for putting a stop to it.

  10. Thank you Tim And Matt.
    Let calmer heads prevail. Yesterday I felt like nothing I did was going right, today its like you can’t be wrong at least so far.
    My one buy yesterday of SCE.PH was down after I bought today its up a lot

      1. Do you mean NYMTN? Its parent stock nosedived too…
        I would appreciate any insight.

    1. I own some NRZpC and was wondering too. It is a cumulative but if they go bankrupt or be forced to liquidate underlying it will not matter.

      At $8s, I guess too late to sell now, or take the $8 before it goes towards 0?

      Would appreciate opinion on NRZ from the more knowledgeable here…

  11. Personally, I will discuss politics once I see proof one persons mind has ever been changed from the discourse. And since I have never seen it happen, I will never engage, lol.

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