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10 thoughts on “Capital One Financial Prices New Preferred”

  1. Newbie question:

    COFPL trading spikes at 11:17am EST ($25.60) & 12:09pm EST ($25.00) …are those narrow trading spike windows due to somebody buying COFPL as a market order rather than limit order? or something else??

    Thanks for your insight.

    1. You have to be careful watching those type of spikes. They may be errors in reporting. Or they may be special situations where somebody got taken.

    1. J pulls ahead with a C 4.80 Y 4.72 and YTW 4.28 on a ’25.
      Might actually get called too.

  2. Golly. I figured low, but 4.375%?!? I’m trying to calculate — that one may not rise much about $25, if it even gets that high… (?)

    1. COF/PRK the 4.63% coupon, and callable 2025 traded above mid-$26.5s so why not this trade to mid/high $25s?

      Also the JPM/PRK (rated higher) with a 4.55% coupon and next callabl;e Jun 2026 currently trading $26s and yielding 3.6%. So if I owned that I may be better off buying this COF 4.375% at or a bit below $25…

      I will likely be looking to buy some, especially if below $25

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