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Brookfield Infrastructure Selling New Baby Bonds

Brookfield Infrastructure Finance has announced a new issue of baby bonds (subordinated notes).

These notes can have their interest payments suspended for 5 years without a default being declared.

The issue has a early call date started in 2029.

The company has a number of issues (preferreds and baby bonds) already outstanding which can be seen here.

The preliminary prospectus can be read here.

Thanks to J for catching this and If you Prefer for tagging on.

8 thoughts on “Brookfield Infrastructure Selling New Baby Bonds”

  1. $1000 in bit coin with Satoshi Nakamoto would be worth 68 million. So there’s that……

    One funny aspect is……many bit coin detractors focus on all the electricity needed to mine it. Very similar to what’s needed for AI. With little if any complaints!!

    1. If you prefer, with the current talk of these funds getting into funny money, and I don’t mean the dollar but Bit Coin I have no interest in trading my hard earned savings for wampum. Some shiny beads and a promise to pay interest and capitol back after 60 yrs goes over with me like a lead balloon.

      1. Charles, you have to remember to put it in its proper prospective. If you own any perpetual preferred stock of any type, you actually are owning something more longer duration than this is.

        1. Grid, I have more trust in TY-P, GAM B, or SOCGP and I am willing to take a lower coupon knowing they have a longer track record.

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