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$25 Issues @ or Near Early Redemption-Replay

This is simply a replay of the note I posted on 11/23/2019 and previous to that in September.

The number of opportunities in the investment grade arena has fallen since that time–i.e. issues are trading TOO HIGH.

I will work on a new listing for the next week and will include non-investment grade issues as well.

This is from 11/23/2019

About 2 weeks ago I posted this spreadsheet which is Investment Grade Preferreds and Baby Bonds Now Callable.

I am reposting–I did not update the dates as little changes over a 2 week period (although since the original post 6 issues have been called for redemption), BUT prices do change and I see a couple I don’t own that are in the list which I may pick up.

Currently I own the following off the list–

Axis 5.50% preferred (AXS-D)

WR Berkley 5.625% baby bond (WRB-B).

Vornado Realty Trust 5.40% Preferred (VNO-L)

So I now see a couple others that I will look closer at for potential purchase.

1st is the DTE Energy 5.25% baby bond (DTQ).

2ndly is the Kimco Realty 5.50% preferred (KIM-J)

The idea is that if interest rates don’t move too violently up or down these issues should stay relatively closely tied to liquidation preference ($25) while providing high levels of safety. I don’t really want to deal with any issues under 5%, because the redemption likelihood is small thus exposing the issue to bigger share price moves (down).

Here is the list again.

Note that the yield to worst DOES NOT include accrued dividends so the actual yield to worst is slightly better than that listed.

For those wanting the full investment grade list of baby bonds and preferred stocks you can click here. You can toggle on the bottom for investment grade.

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