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141 Preferreds and Baby Bonds That are Potentially Dangerous to Your Wealth-Updated

UPDATE–I have tweaked the spreadsheet removing some issues with redemption dates in the future with incorrect calculations on the YTW.

Below is a spreadsheet that lists 141 preferreds and baby bonds that are either currently redeemable or will be within a couple of months.

I have arranged these with the worst yield to worst on the top–potentially the most dangerous of them all.

I am not saying any of these in particular will be called now–but a high percentage of them could be–do you hold them?

The last time I published a list of these I used just investment grade issues–this list covers any and all $25/share issues no matter the rating.

Note that the yield to worst calculation is off by a small amount (less than 1/2%) as it doesn’t figure accrued dividends and interest in the calc.

You need Google Sheets to open this spreadsheet.

Here is the spreadsheet.

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