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Website Down

As you might have noticed there is nothing posting to the home page of the website. Since Tuesday afternoon I am able to post items and folks that are on the various feeds get the notification of publication and can find the article page–but this represents just a minor portion of the site traffic.

I have the tech folks working on the issue and hopefully they are able to get it repaired today.

My apologies for the site issues -in 17 years we have had only a couple issues with more than a few hours offline–hopefully we will note see these glitches often.

5 thoughts on “Website Down”

  1. Tim,

    I work for an ISP. Network eng/linux admin/telcom.. blah blah. I know my way around a linux/apache/php/mysql/or whatever you are using. If you want some help let me know. Basically I have run small ISPs all the way up working for the large ISP I am at now.

    If you want help I would probably need ssh access to the linux box your stuff runs on and start checking your access/error logs to find the problem when you try to post. I realize you have tech folks but this is the type of issue that is normally identifiable quite quickly for such a basic website as this. You have my email as I use it every time I post. Reach out if you wish.

    Enjoy the weekend.

    1. Thanks fc–I’ll keep you in mind. I know so little anymore about this stuff compared to the ‘olden days’ that might need your help.

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