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Website Back Up

Finally the website is back up and fully functional.

We have never, ever had an outage like this – my apologies for any issues folks may have had accessing any portion of the site.

The site needed security updates and those occurred this week – they may or may not have been the cause of issues.

My plan is to get back to normal writing next week (remember Monday is a holiday) Tuesday.

Thanks to everyone who has made donations over the last 6 months – it makes the financial burden of maintaining the site more bearable–I had already committed money ($300) to the security updates on the site, but with the outage I am not sure how much more will be billed (guess it depends on the final determination of the cause).

Have a great long weekend–rest up for what is sure to be an exciting week as the debt ceiling fiasco gets resolved (I hope).

8 thoughts on “Website Back Up”

  1. Thank you! I contribute for the upkeep and would encourage every one to give back and keep this site running

  2. Rim,
    Like many others, want to thank you for all you efforts. Your site is a really
    helpful, source of incites and data on the sector, having it be less than fully
    operative only served to underline how valuable this community is. Thank you again. SC

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