National General Holdings Corp. 7.625% Subordinated Notes Due 2055

Maiden Holdings, LTD. 6.625% Notes due 2046

Argo Group US, Inc. 6.50% Senior Notes due 2042

AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. 7.50% Subordinated Notes due 2055

The ticker has changed 2/13/2019-the old ticker was AFST. The issue will trade on the OTC market on 2/14/2019 after NYSE delisting

AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. 7.25% Subordinated Notes due 2055

Ticker changed to AFFS 2/2019 after NYSE delisting. Original ticker was AFSS

American Financial Group, Inc. 6% Sub Debentures due 2055

The company has the right to defer interest payments for up to 5 years one or more times without causing a default. Interest will accrue.