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Priority Income Fund Files for 3 New Perpetual Issues

I had seen earlier today that CEF Priority Income Fund (not publicly traded) had filed registration statements for 3 new perpetual preferred issues. Ken had just made note of the same issue on Read Alerts.

Recall that Priority had issued only ‘term’ preferred in the past – at least until October, 2021 when they sold a 7% perpetual issue—PRIF-K.

The CEF only has 1 term preferred coming to its 1st optional redemption period which is a 7% issue which becomes redeemable on 3/31/2022.

All of their outstanding issues can be found here.

NOTE that Priority Income Fund has filed paperwork for new issues–when they are actually priced is anyone’s guess. The company has a habit of registering for a new issue and then taking weeks–or even months to actually price the issue.

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