Preferred Stocks Near New Highs


Below you will find the complete listing of $25/share preferred stocks.

The listing is simply to highlight all issues trading at, or very near, new 52 week HIGH prices.

The list has a column labeled ‘Near 52 Week HIGH‘.  If the column says “Yes” then the current price is at or within 1% of a new 52 week HIGH.  If the price moves toward a new HIGH the column will show “Yes” UNTIL the price moves to a point at least 1% below the 52 week HIGH.

This is NOT a new HIGH list, although it is very likely that those labeled “Yes” have just hit a new HIGH.

The list sorts for “Yes” each time it is loaded, thus is real time (or really likely 15 minutes delayed).  The “Yes” issues are sorted alphabetically and after that the “No” answers are sorted alphabetically.

Like all listings and sorting that we do it is helpful if the issue has some volume being traded.  For instance a 100 share trade in a day can be somewhat meaningless as it may be a ‘1 off’ trade where someone forgot to use a limit order.  On the other hand if a preferred stock trades 10,000 or more shares in a day the data is likely meaningful.

A click on the ticker symbol will take you to a stock chart and additional data.