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Just Drifting As Expected

I guess we should expect anything different than a drifting market–both stocks and bonds as we await the FOMC results. You can be certain that the algos will drive prices sharply in both directions at 12:59 p.m. (central).

Preferreds and baby bonds are mostly drifting we a slight tilt upward.

Did you see the operating update from lodging REIT Pebblebrook Hotels (PEB) that I posted last night in the Headlines of Interest? PEB has been one of the few lodging REITs that I have liked over the years and seem worthy now of some deeper due diligence–with 4 preferreds outstanding with current yield in the 8.5% area I might take a nibble if they pass muster. On the other hand if we are truly facing a recession is now the right time? Don’t know but am going to check them out. Here is their update.

2 thoughts on “Just Drifting As Expected”

  1. I picked up some FITBI today. It starts floating at the beginning of 2024.

    Also, ZIONL and HWCPZ look very appealing.

    1. I think anything high yield will be trading lower for the most part unless its already hit its crisis moment and survived it somehow like CORR did today with finding a buyer and guiding towards paying its back facility.

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