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Headlines of Interest

Below are press releases from companys with preferred stock or baby bonds outstanding – or just of general interest.

CoBank Quarterly: Hi

CoBank Quarterly: High Interest Rates, Strong U.S. Dollar Taking an Oversized Toll on Agricultural and Rural Economies


Golar LNG Limited – Q3 2023 results presentation


Star Bulk Announces Date for the Release of Third Quarter Ended September 30, 2023 Results, Conference Call and Webcast

Sotherly Hotels Inc. logo

Sotherly Hotels Inc. Schedules Third Quarter 2023 Earnings Release and Conference Call

View Press Release

MFA Financial, Inc. Plans Live Audio Webcast of Third Quarter 2023 Earnings Conference Call

View Press Release

Citizens Financial Group Announces Earnings Conference Call Schedule for 2025 Quarterly Financial Results

View Press Release

Sterling Bancorp, Inc. to Announce Third Quarter 2023 Financial Results on Wednesday, October 25, 2023

View Press Release

Terreno Realty Corporation Acquires Property in Redondo Beach, CA for $45.7 Million

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Edison International Commences Tender Offers to Purchase Its 5.00% Fixed-Rate Reset Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock, Series B and 5.375% Fixed-Rate Reset Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock, Series A For a Maximum Aggregate Purchase Price…

6 thoughts on “Headlines of Interest”

  1. Anyone know what these EIX preferred are that are getting called? I looked at Quantum and didn’t see anything matching up to this description. Maybe they are a private placement?
    Interesting report by Cobank well worth reading

    1. They are not…. They are 1k fixed rate issues as described….. I checked on one by cusip number just to be sure . Not the baby bond preferreds

      1. I used to own the Series A. I bought a batch at IPO and doubled down about $820 and then sold off within the last year around $930. I see the offer is $915. I got out because it was just too far away from reset. They will be great payers at reset if not redeemed. I have lost track of them ever since FINRA redid their bond site as I really cant find anything anymore.

        1. One has a price yesterday of 86, and the other is just below 90.
          Not bad if you can sell them at 100, and buy them back at 88.

      2. 2wr, small but important correction: these are fixed-rate resets, not fixed. The 5.375% has a reset rate of 4.698% + 5YT.

        1. was actually only focusing in on the fact that what was being called was not the baby bond but a different 5.375% issue.. As far as motivation for it being called, yes the reset aspect is an important point.

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