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Waiting on Important Economic News

Looks like markets are waiting on economic news later in the week. Chinese unrest is playing on the markets today. Markets have moved lower in an orderly fashion.

Treasury yields today are moving at a snails pace. There is no economic news today, but in a few minutes we have a couple of Fed folks shooting their mouths off. Big mouth Bullard will give an interview at 11 a.m. todays and Williams will speak at the same time. Can’t imagine what Bullard can say that is more hawkish than his recent statements—but he can always come up with something–who knows.

Tomorrow we have a few more minor reports–Case Shiller home prices and consumer confidence. Not likely market moving.

On Wednesday we have ADP employment (who really cares?) and the revision of 3rd quarter GDP. We will also have the job openings report–we’ll see if these are weakening. Also Fed Chair Powell and Fed governor Cook speak around midday.

Thursday and Friday will have market moving economic news–posted below. These will be wild days.

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  1. Tim, column 1 is time of announcement, col. 2 is the description. What are cols. 3, 4, and 5?

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