Enhanced High Yield Fixed Income Model Portfolio


Below we have begun the construction of the 1st model portfolio within this website.

This model is a high yield model with a target return of 8.25% annually (over a course of years).  Obviously this model will require a riskier profile to meet our goal, but it is worth the effort to test whether we can achieve this goal over the course of a number of years.

We will use a combination of preferred stocks, baby bonds, closed end funds and just maybe the occasional high yield common stock to try to achieve our goal.

As always we will not be “trading” this model.  Positions will remain intact unless issuer company fundamentals indicate a change is needed.

The starting value of the portfolio will be $100,000 and will be composed of around 7-14 issues (revised).

As always we will charge both a purchase and sale commission and we will use $4.95 which is our Fidelity commission.

For the purposes of this model we will assume the portfolio is in a retirement type of account, thus we will not worry about whether dividends are qualified for preferential tax treatment

As always we will try to get up to 90% invested as quickly as possible, but it may take a few weeks (hopefully not later than March 1, 2018).

Note that if interest rates move sharply higher from current levels (2.75% on the 10 year treasury) perpetual preferred stocks will move lower in price.

The performance of this model should be looked at over the course of a number of years–not a few days or weeks.

NOTE–we do not personally invest in much high yield and are 95% in short/medium duration term preferreds and baby bonds, but we do own a couple of high yield issues.

NOTE–this is not a recommendation to buy any security.  We use the portfolio primarily for educational purposes.