Wrapping Up the Preferred Stocks of REITS List

We have updated our list of preferred stocks that have been issued by REITs.

While REITs offer cumulative preferred stocks they are NOT qualified for preferential tax treatment.

We believe our list is now up to date and 98% complete.  There are always a couple issues that get overlooked, but we will keep proofreading our lists to pickup those last missed issues.

Our list is here.

Under the preferred stock “tab” you can find all of the various lists published to date.  There are more to come as time goes by.


Any ticker symbol that is linked can be clicked to go the recap page for the issue and the issue chart.  We continue to add data and we continue to have our technical folks (contract people who we pay for by the hour) rearrange information.

Most recently you may notice that our website URL has a little padlock and “Secure”.   This simply mean that I own the site and I am who I say I am (Tim McPartland).  While we could have save $120 by foregoing a secure site, Google and other search engines will “demote” sites that are not secure.

13 thoughts on “Wrapping Up the Preferred Stocks of REITS List”

  1. Great update on Preferred list…. appreciated.
    One note… I believe that CIM-B is a FF March 2024 L+ 5.791%

    1. HI Jim–will check it out further when I return to the office in an hour. Thank you–I always need keen eyes.

  2. Appreciate your musings on and listings of pfds..

    Irks me when about SA, there are many very prominent authors who write on pfds-some a few times a week- – you cannot get a quote or track in a portfolio pfds on that site! I have been “feedback”ing that for years and commenting on it.. they always say it is on the radar or down the road.. most of the contributors have tens of thousands of followers!

    they say the clicks and ad model was not working but this is one area they could have improved on easily before pushing paid svc.

    So when I read about a pfd I want to track.. I just put it in my Yahoo pfd portfolio.. clicks and ad views go to Yahoo… (there have also been a handful of good articles on CA small caps/REITs and their quote service doesn’t have the otc symbols.. ) oh well.. glad you are back so we have another good outlet for info! Bea

    1. Hi Tim;
      I second Ray’s comment. I was a longtime visitor to your prior website and just happened upon your new site about a week ago. The up to date detail you provide is invaluable. I truly enjoy your common sense approach to income investing. Keep up the great work.

      1. Hi Gary–glad you are here. My common sense approach is what I call “chicken investing”–really conservative, but I understand that everyone has there own needs to meet and most aren’t as conservative as I am.

    2. Thanks Bea. Of course your frustrations just are adding to the growing list of dissatisfaction with the site.

      Yes the clicks model has been on a downhill slope for years and years–and is why I sold my old site. With the addition of social media sites like Facebook to that model the cents per click a publisher receives goes down and down since advertisers have so many choices.

      Yes there are a number of writers I follow on SA that touch on preferreds–but many advocate trading them or focus on perpetuals which I am not interested in at this time–but like everything you just pick up a couple ideas here and there.

      Glad to be back writing some and hope I can eventually realize my dreams for the site which is much larger and complete than where I am today.

      1. Once you get to the point you want the site to be, it will be a success, Tim. Your reputation on the net is one of class, integrity, and common sense. And almost as important, you dont keep praising KIM for clickbait, as it drops closer to 50% down from a distinguished SA author initial buy reco, refusing to admit he has suffered (along with followers) big losses, lol.

        1. Grid–Thanks for the encouragement.

          I will admit to being temped to buy KIM. Yes–BT should do fundamental stuff if he wants and forget the “buy” “Sell” “taper” baloney. Oh I forgot there are no sells. Did I mention to you ever he wanted to partner with me 8 or 10 years ago? No thanks.

          1. No, I didnt…I cant blame him for asking you though…It would have helped him! Oh, trust me Tim…I look at KIM daily..I just dont know how much “Wheeler” type holdings they own that is mixed in with the good stuff. So I keep watching and doing stuff like I did today… Grabbed the bull by the tail, and we will see what happens… I bought 300 shares of BGCA at 25.80 after losing in a 2 day Mexican Standoff and bought. Then the issue just explodes on a dump today, I bought 1000 at 25.41. The 50 cent interest payment is all but in the bag. Its BBB- and been callable since last summer (8.125% par).
            If I am going to get caught long its going to be with 8% investment grade!
            Now this could be called, but this is the risk I will take, of course the bulk was purchased under par plus payment though.
            In SEC filings I read BGC passed the payment responsibility (not the loan though) onto Newmark 4 months ago. Both companies are investment grade. Why would they dump payment responsibility onto the newly spun off company only to call it 4 months later? Doesnt make sense to me…Worth a shot for how I like to trade now.

  3. Hi Tim,
    I just want to say it is great you back on your own site again. I got all confused there for a while and I found you by mistake again tonight.
    Ray – long time reader.

    1. Hi Ray–good to be back. Going to be better than ever eventually. Glad to see you here.

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