Wrapping Up A Quiet Day

In spite of the fact that we own no common stocks it is still nice to have a quiet day in the various markets. When the common shares stumble big  there is always a chance the selling will bleed over to our preferreds–of course the selling could start anew next week as we near the G20 and the meeting with the US and China.  We shall see.

The week has been exciting and we don’t have much damage at all anywhere in the portfolio in any major way.

We are excited to get to spend more time on some website work in the coming weeks and months as our ‘real work’ dwindles to very low levels.

A couple items on the agenda–

-Try to add shipping baby bonds to our shipping listing.

-Review the 2 Invesco High Income Target Trusts  (IHIT and IHTA) and come to a conclusion as to why IHTA seems to trade kind of weak.

-Review the LNG shippers to verify which are the most soundly financed-and which are most likely to implode.

To all our readers we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.  While sometimes we think we have it ‘tough’ for some reason–whether it be health, family or money for the most part we are all fortunate to be living in the U.S. and enjoying the fruits of our efforts through the years.


9 thoughts on “Wrapping Up A Quiet Day”

  1. Closed out the SCE gamble on SCE-D and SCE-G. Made a $100 on a 100 share partial fill of SCE-D (dont know why it jumped more). Sold out my SCE-G 400 shares at $19. A little over $300 profit in total holding a couple days. This was in my Roth and that is sacred money….Shame on me for even using it on a stressed Ca. ute. Glad I sold as I shouldnt have bought in first place. Probably leaving more meat on the bone here, but just glad I am out.

    1. Well Tim, made a trade only you would love. Used above proceeds to buy 400 shares of KYN-F at par… It is my true cash holding account, lol.

  2. Thank you Tim for your website and allowing us all to learn from and for having the data available to research. Thank you

  3. Tim and all have a good holiday, hopefully no one has 4 hour drive trips like I do tomm. :)….And Tim make sure you enjoy your family and down time. Dont waste it on researching the availability of any investment grade shipping preferreds. 😀

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Thank you for everything you have done, and continue to do, for us.

  5. The more serious items notwithstanding, including you Tim for hosting your site for us on my what-I’m-thankful-for list.

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