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Working on Commenting Speed

Many have noticed that once a comment is made the comment takes too long to post – just spins for 5-30 seconds before posting. Some time ago in an effort to ‘retain history’ I set things up so that comments would never be eliminated–some folks like to look back for comments. I am guessing that we are maxing out the ability of WordPress to process so much history. Some of the most popular pages (i.e. sandbox) have over 15 months of history and 1000’s of comments. I will need to trim this hisory somewhat–how much I am not certain, but to the point where the site speeds up.

4 thoughts on “Working on Commenting Speed”

  1. Tim, I second the desire to have an archive. It’s a hack, but can you hive off Sandbox archive pages (Sandbox archive 01, Sandbox archive 02, etc)?

  2. Tim, I’m not a geek by any stretch of my imagination but is there a way to compress the information or load it on the cloud?

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