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Currently working on


Most data entered–now proofreading and adding missed securities.

We are now linking pages from listings to detail pages.  Massive job.

To Do

Add more search criteria to security search page

This website is in a testing phase. Additionally there is a continuation of database loading occurring–needless to say loading data into a database is a massive project.

Also we continue to tweak items such as font sizes, search attributes and page layouts–from our experience none of these items will EVER be complete. It is our hope to present information in a manner that is most pleasing to the most number of users which means that as feedback is received changes will be made.

In the past we have not ever charged for our website access and for the time being that will still be the case, but at some point we will move to a modest charge. Building and maintaining websites with information that is useful is seldom free of cost. In our previous website we invested fairly substantial resources, primarily in professional services, to launch and operate the site. Since our last website it has become more and more difficult to secure data that is reliable and free (such as the recent shutdown of the Yahoo quote API) and while Google data remains free it is not a complete database of information and we would not be surprised if that free resource goes away in the months ahead.

It is our hope to have the site up and fully operational sometime during the month of February/March, 2018.

Feel free to leave any comments below if you would like.

15 thoughts on “Website – In Testing Stages”

  1. Tim, I know this was mentioned already, but the voluntary contribution model that uses seems to work fairly well. Because I use their website often, I contribute $100 per year to their efforts.

    Thanks for your hard work and dedication getting this site up and running for discussion purposes.

    1. Hi Andrew–there is no list at this time, but maybe in the future. Right now just trying to get the site completed and up and running right.

      Thanks for stopping


    1. Hi Al–at this time there is no ‘list’ only the push notifications you can get to your browser when we create something new.

      We may add email notices in the future–later this year after we get the site fairly functional as we are still working on data entry etc.

  2. Silicon Investor is still alive? I thought it went belly-up at least 15 years ago. Maybe I will spend time there and less on Seeking Alpha which is making all the same mistakes that Motley Fool did before the tech wreck.

    Anyway, I use Feedly to follow your new articles. Browser notifications are of no value to me.

    Thanks for bringing the new site online.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Larry. Yes there are a lot of smart folks on Silicon Investor–in the Income Investing area of the site (the only area I follow). I learn much from them–learning never ceases.

  3. Dear Tim, at the bottom, I am copying an email that I sent to you last July, thanking you for your insight and alerts. In the meantime, I didn’t get a pop-up for alerts, but my email will be below. It has taken several hours to track you down and I’m glad I did! Thank you again.

    Dear Tim,

    I’ve gotten so many emails with your name that I feel free to call you by your first name. If that is not all right with you, I apologize! I just wanted to thank you so very much for the recent email about TANNL. Like many other investors who had purchased this issue, I was getting apprehensive when the price kept dropping. Your report was comprehensive, clear, well-written, and understandable (I am a retired English professor). After I read and reread your analysis, I purchased additional shares, as your research and rationale for buying made perfect sense. I find the Dividend Investor Hotline very helpful; sometimes I buy and sometimes I don’t, but what I totally appreciate is your follow-up and analysis when a stock or bond causes concern.

    Thank you very much for devoting your time and energy to researching good dividend opportunities and for sharing them via the Dividend Investor Hotline!


    Helen Fowler

    1. Hi Amy–there should be a pop up when you enter the site that asks if you want to sign up for notifications (or some such wording). You can just answer ‘Yes’. At any point in the future if you clear your cache you will need to sign up again.

      Best Regards


  4. hi Tim,
    I have been following your commentary on yield hunter since I got into investing in preferred stock. I will support this website you are building which will be great and no doubt a fantastic resource for many.

    Can I and where can I sign up for new issues notification via email?

    thank you

    1. Hi Richard–at this time we are just offering the push technology notifications–no emails at this time. You should get a popup asking if you want to sign up for notifications. If that technology doesn’t work good we may go to emails when the site is fully functional in a month or two.

      Best Regards

  5. I dont know what you have on the back end, but I am a fan of big data solutions like elasticsearch. They have data collection, data transformation, data storage, and lastly data presentation. Super fast technology. I have replaced many relational databases with this technology. Another good thing about it is that you can get data in/out through rest calls. Everything is rest calls. Data query, data storage, etc. I have used perl, python, and workmates have used java script, c#. Many benefits in that you don’t have to do formal schema changes like a relational database, and just add fields as necessary.

  6. Hi David–thanks for stopping by and better yet for giving a comment. Yes I do have that model under consideration as well. Right now I am focused on trying to get data in which is a massive task. In the end I don’t know what direction I will go with the site–I turn 65 in a few months so I have a lot of decisions I want to make relative to continuing to work on my “real” business or not. I wouldn’t feel great about charging (or donating) if I don’t have enough time to devote to the site and I have a need to add great value if I charge in any manner.

    Good Luck

  7. Hi Tim,
    Really missed your old Dividend Hunter website. Absolutely disliked that mess of a website you sold to and glad to see you start your own thing again. I post on Silicon Investor’s Income Investing Forum. You have lots of admirers and lots of respect from posters there. They are excited about your new website. I proffered an idea they thought was excellent, so am passing on to you.
    How about starting off copying the donation model QuantumOnline uses? I donate to that site as do many others. Feedback indicates it would be worth considering before going to a pure subscription model. Just looking for ways to help you get going out of the gate. I’ve developed and ran two different investment websites over the last 20 years, and know how much time, energy, and $$ it takes to do what you are doing. Your good efforts here are not going unnoticed!

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