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Just a quick blurp that if you see Matt McPartland in site comments just know that he is my son.

Matt will be helping to keep up with comments–while I don’t moderate them too closely I do try to skim through–in particular for ‘errors and omissions’ reports. I have a screen that lists all comments made on the site, all on 1 page–so one can see everywhere with a glance.

Additionally I skim looking for ‘spam’. The spam filter on the site works terrifically, but on rare occasions something slips through and I have to manually delete it.

Also maybe once a week a legitimate comment ends up in the spam filter inadvertently – I then manually approve the comment.

Lastly I look for any ‘dust ups’ of participants. We are fortunate that there really haven’t been issues. I do see some minor ‘skirmishes’ on occasion, but as long as they resolve themselves there is no reason to get involved.

So Matt will be helping to watch over these things so I can make timely corrections to errors and we can catch spam that slips through.

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  1. Tim
    Just a thought. When you say ‘dustups’, I see just the opposite. When a comment is posted that shows a lack of knowledge or a tad of opposition, or political partisanship, the folks on this site are EXTREMELY courteous and answer with facts and in a calm manner. They do not talk down to the commenter, and sometimes offer encourgement. What a difference from other sites ! Since politics/geopolitics affects investing, folks here try to keep it kool and treat the commenter in a respectful manner if a comment refers to that World. Lastly, if you make this a ‘donation’ site, viewers can send in $ in an amount they would like to, to help
    defray costs. ( I do so with ‘Quantumonline’ ), the other primary site I view almost daily.
    Your hobby here is helping many
    investors and you should be rewarded accordingly. ( We make money from accessing the information here ).

    Thanks, howard

  2. Tim, you gotta, gotta, gotta let us readers contribute $’s somehow. Whether it is for your pocket, your wine fund, your beer fund, gas for your Ferrari or just a favorite charity, please let us show our appreciation.


  3. Seriously, this site is what we all hoped the internet would be about, back in its infancy (ok i’m old!). People don’t fight, people don’t get political, real information is exchanged that is extremely helpful, a community of people who respect each other exists without conflict. Tim, thank you. And the people on this site are great.

  4. Tim, Congrats on working with your son on your site and that he likes hanging out with the ol’ man.

  5. ” I have a screen that lists all comments made on the site, all on 1 page”

    Is there a way for regular users to access a page like that?

    1. Landlord–I wish there was, but it is an administrators screen. My guess is that with a few thousand dollars worth of coding it is possible. Just like the comment ‘edit’ feature I added a few weeks ago I will keep my eyes open for a potential ‘add on’. I think sometimes Chad (who handles the technical end) thinks we (you and I and all site users) are crazy with the requests we come up with–I am best to try to find an answer somewhere online and then present it to him to implementation.

      1. We already have “Recent Comments” on the home page which shows the last 7 comments. If it could just show the last 70 comments, that would be great. Would hope it wouldn’t take a lot of coding to go from 7 to 70.

        1. Landlord–ha–I miss the obvious–my wife tells me that all the time.

          It is now 70.

          1. Tim, thank you, thank you for expanding to 70 comments! Happy New Year.
            BTW, your grandpa had a grin on his face last night (so did I) as the Boilers took out the GGs on double OT. I know – he was a pitcher and this is basketball. B10 seems tough this year – too many good teams.
            Thank you and best regards,
            No. 12 …. in neither of the above sports but in Green and Gold (and probably not well liked in your hometown!)

        2. It’s a little roundabout, but it is possible for anyone to get a screen of all the comments that have been posted on the site. WordPress makes an RSS “feed” of the comments available, so you need a “feed reader” (rather than just your Web browser) to access it.

          Here’s how I do it using the free website “The Old Reader” as a feed reader (I have no affiliation with that site, but it works well for me.)

          First, go to, create a free account (you only have to do that once).

          Once you are logged into the account, click the “Add a Subscription” button with the big red plus sign on the top left.

          A box will prompt up posting you for a “Keyword or Feed URL”. Paste the following URL into the box:

          Then, whenever you return to the “Old Reader” site, you can click on “Comments from Innovative Income Investor” and see the comments, newest first. It’s great (and of course that’s because Tim’s site and all of you are so great!)

          To get the posts as well as the comments, you can repeat the process with this URL:

          But the posts feed, unlike the comments feed, truncates the posts after a line or two, so you have to follow the link to the site to read the whole thing.

          I usually read directly on the site; but if I have a lot of catching up to do this is a method to scroll through lots of comments quickly.

          Thanks again Tim!

          1. Mike D – good suggestion regarding RSS. I use it to see new posts plus to save posts for future reference. Tim’s “Additional Links” has one called “RSS Feed” for those that want to read more about RSS.
            I use Firefox addon Feedbro that works well for me.

  6. Tim – I work in cybersecurity, so if you ever have questions about SPAM (not the food) or anything else, pls feel free to reach out

    1. Thanks xwords59—so far the default workpress package has worked spectacularly, but if we have issues I’ll put out a SOS for you.

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