Website Down-Update

Our apologies for the site being down earlier today. I have no idea what occurred, but hopefully will hear back from our tech folks sometime today. As we have mentioned we do not do the tech work anymore on our website–we did in the early days, but feel pretty incompetent to do it now.

Our tech people told us the hosting companies database was down and all of the sites they host were off line this a.m. So we were only 1 of many. I think that is the first time since the site came online 11 months ago.

4 thoughts on “Website Down-Update”

  1. No sweateedah, happens to the best of us! Your back now and that’s good.

    1. Jeff–it is amazing that we are all conditioned for ‘instant’ stuff nowadays–I expect the site to never be down–oh well it happens I guess.

    1. geodad–when I saw that I thought ‘hack’–but all is well.

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